Swiss chard (Ford hook Giant)

Time to mature 40-60 days after sowing depending on weather conditions
Color, Size & Shape Dark green rippled margin leaves with white stem
Average Leaf Yield Potential 10,000 – 25,000 kg/acre
Spacing 10cm x 30cm
Other characteristics Vigorous plant with an excellent yield potential and Large healthy leaves ideal for the bunching market.

Palak (Indian) / All Green

Time to mature Harvesting begins at 42-56 days from planting, you get 5-6 cuttings
Size & Shape Uniform green tender leaves
Average Leaf Yield Potential 12500kg per ha
Spacing 10cm x 30 cm
Other characteristics ·         Leaves have no fibers and become very soft on cooking.


Time to mature Approximately 45 days from planting, you get 5-6 cuttings as well
Size & Shape Smooth leaves with excellent taste
Average Leaf Yield Potential 10,000-15,000kg per ha
Spacing 10cm x 30 cm
Climate Grows best under semi-shade locations
Other characteristics
  • Takes longer to germinate than other varieties of Spinach.
  • And it has an excellent taste, making it perfect for salad mixes.