Collards Georgia

Time to mature 35-50 Days from transplant
Size & Shape It is a shorter variety
Seed Rate 125 grams per acre
color bluish green leaves that spread widely
Average yield 10,000 Kgs per acre
Spacing 60 x 60 cm
Climate Drought tolerant variety that withstands high temperatures
Other Characteristics Tolerant to Soft and Black Rot.

Kale (Thousand Heads) - Sukuma Wiki

Thousand-Heads (Kale)
Time to mature  55-80 Days from transplant
Size & Shape It has Smaller leaves than Collard and if left to grow it will reach a height of five feet with luxuriant, wide spreading foliage
Spacing 45 x 60 cm
Climate Kale is very easy to grow in a variety of climates but it tastes sweetest when it has just been kissed by frost.
Other Characteristics Thousand Heads is fairly tolerate to poor soil conditions and is rarely troubled by those dreaded enemies of the cabbage family – pigeons, club root and cabbage root fly.