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1 GERMAN AGRO Supply of seeds 2008-2010
2 CARITAS (SSD) Supply of relief food and seeds 2008-2010
3 LWF, UGANDA AND SOUTH SUDAN Supply of vegetable seeds, Field crop seeds, Sweet potato vines, Agriculture tools, Cassava cuttings 2008 to date
4 RIAL SEEDS Supply of seed and relief to ACF, save the children, NAADS, Etc 2008 to date
5 GOAL Supply of sprayers and tools 2009
6 ICRC Supply of seeds 2009
7 UGANDA RED CROSS SOCIETY Supply of vegetables and field crop seeds Nov 2009
8 FAO – UGANDA AND SOUTH SUD Supply of seeds Sep 2009
9 GTZ UGANDA AND SOUTH SUDAN Supply of seeds and relief food to Sudan and Moroto 2009 to date
10 NILE BREWERIES Supply of sorghum seed and grain 2009 to date
11 UGANDA PRISON SERVICES Supply of vegetable seeds and fertiliser 2009 to date
12 NAADS Supply of seed 2009 to date
13 FARM ENGINEERING (FEIL) Supply of seed tools, Irrigation equipment 2009 to date
14 OFFICE OF PRIME MINISTER Supply of seed and tools 2009 to date
15 SAMARITAN PURSE UGANDA, DRC AND SOUTH SUDAN Supply of relief food and seeds 2012 to date