Jain Turbo Tape


Jain Turbo drip tape is sold per meter length


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This is a seamless drip tape with integrated emitter stripe welded inside. It has a seamless construction thats improves ability to withstand pressure fluctuations.

The drip tape has dual entry filter segments that allow water entry from two opposite sides to maintain unobstructed water flow. Multiple, fine inlet filters prevent the entrance of dirt.

It has a hydro dynamically designed, wide & turbulent labyrinth that prevents squirting and makes the emitter clog resistant. Its laser cut slit outlet closes down when system is depressurized. This prevents soil suction.

It  has self-Cleaning Emitters and a low Frictional Coefficient.


  • Ideal for irrigation of closely spaced row crops like sugarcane, cotton, banana, strawberry, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, chilies, melons, cucumber, floriculture, vegetables and spices.
  • Recommended for irrigation in green house/ shade house.
  • Suitable for subsurface and surface applications

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