Drip Kits (Drip Irrigation)

Drip irrigation systems are most ideal for small scale farmers on a budget, they are very easy to install and water flow is gravitation (no pump is recquired). These systems are portable and can be shifted from place to place.

Our drip kits come packaged in one box, with all you need in one box, making it easy to transport.

They are available in four different models: 250m2, 500m2, 1000m2 and 2000m2 .

•Mainly suitable for cultivation of vegetables. cereals, legumes, cotton and other closely spaced crops.
•Can be used for irrigation in open fields,Green house/ Net house and nurseries.
•Suitable for Kitchen Gardens and area where land holding very small.
•Useful as a survival irrigation tool in rain fed
area or water scarcity region or when there is a prolonged gap
between rains & or electricity is not available.

•The water is delivered directly and uniformly at the soil level to the roots, where it is needed.
•Less weed is experienced when using drip irrigation since only the desired plants are being watered, not the weeds that grow in between rows.
•Reduced chances of fungal infections on crops because of direct water application to the soil
•Less chance of evaporation and wind interference.
•Less chances of erosion in sloped gardens.
•Pesticides are not quickly washed off since water is not applied over-head

Plastic Impact Sprinklers

Plastic Impact Sprinklers (Accurain Sprinklers)

Our plastic sprinklers have a Brand name Acurain Sprinklers manufactured by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

Accurain is an ultimate sprinklers range which overcomes all the limitations of conventional sprinkler systems and meets the
high standards of effective irrigation principles such as,

  • High distribution uniformity
  • Controlled application rate
  • Gentle precipitation, low droplet impact on soil structure and no foliage damage
  • Short irrigation cycles

All these factors allow maximum control and monitoring of a continuously wetted and aerated soil profile, with complete
uniformity and optimal growing conditions. Particularly suitable for bulb, root and leaf crops. Even though uniform performance
of any sprinkler system is important; a similar water profile in the soil is vital. Following are the effects of Acurain on the subsoil

•Uniform Crop
•Less water Consumption
•Wide ranger of sprinklers available giving you flexibility for your project
•Suitable for all crops

Metal_Impact _Sprinklers

Metal Impact Sprinklers

We offer sprinklers from one of the pioneers in engineering sprinkler systems in the world. These sprinklers have precision engineered nozzles for a longer radius of throw.

These sprinklers are designed with ruggedness in mind to perform in the harshest conditions.

•Suitable for field crops like legumes, oil seeds, vegetables, sugarcane, cotton, cereals, tea, coffee and fodder crops
•Recommended for crops that require light showers on the leaves and fruits (mostly at maturing stage to produce good looking fruits)
•Best suited to sandy soils with high infiltration rates
•Not suitable for soils which easily form a crust

Rain Gun

Rain Gun (Watering gun)

These are heavy duty sprinklers suitable for over tree irrigation for bigger crops like sugar cane, oats, maize, tea, coffee, fodder, landscape, horticulture,
pastures and dust suppression.
• They are designed for both full field and irrigation of field edges.
• They are best suited to sandy soils with high infiltration rates.
• Rain guns are not suitable for soils which easily form a crust.

• Recommended for field crops like sugarcane, pulses, oil
seeds, cereals, tea, coffee, vegetables, etc.
• Easy to use with portable irrigation system
• Useful for large turfs, lawns and playgrounds, dust suppression, mining or environmental applications.

•Hydraulically DesignedBarrel and Taper Bore Nozzle. Excellent hydraulic design, large barrel cross section and full size  taper bore nozzle allows for maximum possible throw and performance.
•Easy Stream Break-up Adjustment. Three stream break-up  frequencies can be selected  manually, without tools, in order to adjust rotation speed and to optimize the water distribution.
•Intermittent Dynamic Jet Breaker. Intermittent dynamic jet breaker option increases the stream  diffusion which allows a more delicate irrigation for sensitive crop and provides flexibility in operation at lower pressure